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Valiant Vineyards, 1500 W Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069
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Officially licenced Sturgis collection

  Sturgis Merlot 2018..............Rich and earthy with flavors of plum & cloves, this wine is
                                            well oaked full-bodied red wine.                                     17.95 ea
  Sturgis Merlot 2017 ............   Fruit driven & comlex with big bold tannins.                  29.95 ea

  Full Throttle .......................   Extreme cabernet fortified for the   22.95 ea
Full Throttle Saloon of Sturgis SD.  

*Past vintages of limited edition Sturgis wines may be available upon request.      

Dry & Medium Dry

  Turkey Ridge Creek Chardonnay... Unoaked Chardonnay    18.95 ea 

  Menopause Merlot .............   Supple & juicy with mellow fruit.    19.95 ea

  Artisan Cabernet ...............    A rich supply of red fruits and oak aging in a                 20.95 ea
hand crafted style.

  Wild Grape 2008................    Our signature wine, native SD grapes.    49.95 ea

  Sioux Falls Red (Marquette)...Local varital, deep ruby color with black pepper notes.    24.95 ea
  Rushmore Red..................     A blend of three Red French American Hybrid grajpes    20.95 ea.

Semi - Sweet & Sweet Wines

  Pasque ........................ Floral bouqette with hints of citrus and juicy peach.       19.95 ea

  Tickle Me Rhubarb ........         Lacks deportment and talks back          20.95 ea

  Rushmore White ............Made with local Edelweiss grapes  20.95 ea

  Buck Naked ..................Honey & Black currant mead     Sold Out

  Sweet Red ....................flovors of raspberry, pomegranate & cherry     15.95 ea

  Wild Grape Port .........            Only port in the world made with Wild Grapes.              64.95 ea
  Aged 14 years!

*You must be 21 years old in order to buy wine from this winery.

Shipping Policy:
At this time, we can only ship wine to the states where the word yes appears next the the state abbreviation.  Adult signature is require upon delivery.  UPS will make three attempts to deliver your package, after the third attempt, your package will be returned to the winery and you will incur another shipping charge from UPS for that return shipment.

All wine is shipped via UPS and reaches the destination within 10  business days. UPS will check the ID of the intended recipient and cannot leave the package at the door. We recommend delivering to a business address to avoid missed deliveries.

Shipping Fees
1-2 bottle             $30

3-6 bottles            $40

7-11 bottles          $50

12 bottles     Free!

*3-day Priority or Overnight shipping will incur an extra amount as charged by the shipping carrier.
*Extra charge for shipments to Alaska (market price).

Find your state below, if the word "no" appears beside your state we will not ship there.  If the word "yes" appears next your your state we will ship to you.  On-site purchases can be shipped if your state allows it.

STATE; Do we ship there?

AK       YES Allowed –Extra Shipping Charge to Alaska
AZON-SITE only -Off Site- NO Telephone or internet orders
GAON-SITE only -Off Site- NO Telephone or internet orders
IN        NO
KS       ON-SITE only -Off Site- NO Telephone or internet orders
KY      NO
LA       NO
ME              NO
MD     NO
MA      NO
MI      YES
MN            YES-Phone orders only according to MN State Law
MO            YES
MS     NO
MT             YES
NE       NO
NV              NO
NH      NO
NJ              YES
NM            YES
NY            YES
NC            YES
ND     NO
OH     YES
OK            ON-SITE only -Off Site- NO Telephone or internet orders
OR     YES
PA      NO
RI              ON-SITE ONLY-no telephone or internet orders
SC     NO
SD              NO
TN      NO
TX              YES
UT      Felony No No No No No
VT      NO
VA              YES
WA            YES
WV     NO
WI             YES
WY     NO

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC): refers to a shipment of wine sent from a winery to a consumer's home or work for the consumer's own personal use.
Federal On-Site: In November of 2002, President George W. Bush signed the Department of Justice Appropriations Authorization Act, which included a provision allowing wine, purchased while visiting a winery, to be shipped to another state. Purchases must be in accordance with state law in that the consumer could have legally carried the same amount of wine back on their person as the winery is now able to ship to the consumer. This does not allow the consumer to join a wine club or to make a purchase to be shipped at a later date.
Off-Site refers to a shipment made on behalf of a consumer who places the order via phone, fax, or internet.
On-Site refers to shipments made on behalf of a customer who is places the order on the premises of the winery.

​WARNING: Many food and beverage cans have linings containing bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical known to the State of California to cause harm to the female reproductive system. Jar lids and bottle caps may also contain BPA. You can be exposed to BPA when you consume foods or beverages packaged in these containers. Because some of our wine are package with Stalvin Screwcaps.