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Valiant Vineyard Winery's restaurant hosts private luncheons and dinners for 10-200 people any day of the week with advance notice. Please see our Banquet Menu. We have complete banquet facilities set in a warm and cozy atmosphere. Whether it's a business meeting, awards dinner, working lunch, after-hours get together, family reunion, anniversary, birthday, graduation, whatever the occasion, our experienced staff will help you create a memorable event for up to 200 people.

Weddings, Dances and Social Events
All alcoholic beverages must be purchased from and served by winery staff. All catering is provided by the winery, all menus should be finalized one month prior to your event. A guaranteed head count is required 72 hours in advance of the banquet or event. When all food and non-alcoholic beverage is purchased through Valiant Vineyards, a minimum of $20.00 per person is required. If banquet food sales reach $2500.00, the room charge will be waived.  In the case of wedding dances, all the bed and breakfast rooms upstairs must be booked by wedding party members or family the night of the event.  Valiant Vineyards will offer a 20% discount to these guests.

Valiant Vineyards will prepare for 5% over the guaranteed number. You are required to pay 100% of your guarantee, or the actual number of guests served, whichever is greater. Should your actual attendance exceed the guaranteed number, every effort will be made to properly serve your guests. However, we may not be able to serve the same menu.
Gratuities and Taxes
*All prices are subject to a 20% service charge and 7.5% sales tax.

A deposit is required to confirm your banquet room (prices listed above.) The deposit is non-refundable if the confirmed date is canceled within 90 days of the event. Any damages to the winery property that occur during your event will be subtracted from the deposit. The remainder of the deposit will be applied to your food and beverage bill.

Room fees must be paid in advance of your event. All banquet charges less any applicable deposit must be paid on or before the day of the event . Following your banquet, you will be billed for all incidental expenses incurred.

*Day Room charges do not apply to dinner and lunch banquets catered by the Valiant Vineyards when the room is used for the purposes of banquets only, longer use of the room may result in an additional charge.

Tasting Room  Room Capacities 
Plated Meal 200 People
Buffet 200 People
Cocktails/Appetizers 300 People

Day use Charges: 
1-49 People $250
50-99 People $350
100-149 People $500
150 or more $950
Graduation weekend $500 and up
*Room Deposit for Wedding Receptions is $500

Board Room  Room Capacities 
Plated Meal 18 People
Buffet 18 People
Cocktails/Appetizers 35 People
Day Charge  $125 and up 
Graduation Weekend $350

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